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Stardust Speedway by Orioto

“Another Sonic one, this one from Sonic CD, one of the Sonic games I never played, then again, who actually owned a Sega CD? I didn't know anyone that did.

1 of the 24 pictures I use for desktop wallpaper.

It's done by Orioto from Deviant Art

He's awesome!

I use all 24 pictures in a slide show, each new desktop wallpaper comes up every 30 minutes.”

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Sonic CD

Sonic CD (SCD)

Genre/Style: Action/Side-Scrolling Platform
Release Date:
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cool :o
Well it's done it, the new Nudge system has broken me, it's no fun manually clicking boxes, I'm no longer gonna try to nudge everyone, just the people who seem to like and post on my stuff.
That's what I'm doing, but the process of determining which 50 people would most likely appreciate a monthly nudge is a lot more work than manually sending 23 batches of nudges every month.
These Orioto images would definately be worth a nudge-all. These are fine art and they appeal to most old-school gamers, whether we've played Sonic or not.
@LordXenophon I agree, but I'd rather not have to manually click close to 800 boxes.
Instead of nudging these one at a time, you could upload them all at once, make a gallery as a game post, then nudge the gallery.
I think I might do that, once I upload them all stick em all in one post, then nudge.
Ah, Sonic CD.

I still need to go through that guy's gallery.
I had a Sega CD!!! Sonic CD was my favorite Sonic game, but Lunar: Silver Star Story was my favorite Sega CD game.
The upgraded version of Lunar for the PS was way better.
@IkkitousenFan523 Missed that one. Thanks, now I must go find it.
@TechnoHermit Pretty sure they are remaking the first Lunar for the PSP.
@EarthboundX I knew there was yet another reason to love my PSP!
I remember wanting a Sega CD and 32X so badly! Too bad I had no clue just how bad both systems were.
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