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Speleology's Friends by Orioto

“Lemmings! Everybody loves them!

1 of the 24 pictures I use for desktop wallpaper.

It's done by Orioto from Deviant Art

He's awesome!

I use all 24 pictures in a slide show, each new desktop wallpaper comes up every 30 minutes.


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Lemmings (PC)

Genre/Style: Puzzle/Adventure Puzzle
Release Date:
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Well that was interesting...
Why did it end up so small?
Damn...not sure why, I couldn't put the High Def version, because it was bigger then 3mbs, let me try a HTML, to get another one in this shot.
There we go! Yay for HTML!
Got this one in by using a paint program to lower the quality by a few percents, so it would be under the 3mb limit.
<3 lemmings ^-^
lol. Yes, <3 Lemmings :P
Are you going to be posting each of his art work lol?
I used to play lemmings all the time on my LCIII, good times. Their stupid little goomers, but you gotta love em.
@SpectreSubZero Just the 22 I use as wallpaper. I'd encourage people to check out his DE page though.
if you look you can see.....lost planet 2
I used to play lemmings on my Sega Master System II when I was much younger, my dad used to come up with the strategies and I used to use the controller ^_^
Actually looking what's going on in the picture, it looks like that Lemming is gonna dig to the bottom, and they will all fall to their deaths, hehe.
still looks good
@EarthboundX I also encourage people to check out his other stuff. Some of it is really amazing.
@EarthboundX isn't it the very first level "just dig"
@Iskhiaro Think so, but I don't remember it being that high up, haha.
that is fantastic thanks
This one looks a lot darker and spookier than his usual.
Oh! I _loved_ Lemmings, Oh No! More Lemmings! and Lemmings 2: The Tribes.

Awesome games =O

Never thought I would see a wallpaper that looks this awesome from it =O
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