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Overlord (X360)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Strategy RPG
Release Date: 26/JUN/07
Emblem for Genome

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That was an enjoyable play through. Have fun.
Oh man, that sucks. Almost as bad as when I orded 2 games through Buy.com and they arrived in Spanish instead of English.
@MarvzMitts A me mi! No esta bien!
@jkbarbie heh.....lets not call out Teh Bofus on his dwindled Spanish skills. I used to know a little. Now I can pretty much order a meal and ask where the bathroom is.
@jkbarbie How many languages do you speak? I'm jealous that it's more than one! I took a year of Spanish, and really struggled with it. I think that the way I think is too tied into English.
@jkbarbie I think that spanish is hard because of great amount of tenses. You know, like pretérito pluscuamperfecto, pretérito imperfecto, subjuntivo. And every one is using in different situations. I am studying spanish 6 years in school, and I have still problems with it.
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