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Yay Pizza!

“Great pizza for it's price, ate a whole one, plus some extra, literally got zero sleep last night. So I was starving.

And yeah, it's sitting on my bed...”

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Pizza Frenzy

Pizza Frenzy (PC)

Genre/Style: Puzzle/Action Puzzle
Release Date:
Emblem for Genome

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That was the first game that popped up after entering the word pizza, haha.
My high school was practically across the street from a Little Caesar's. I used to go there for a single slice for lunch.
Just one slice? That wouldn't work for me, hehe.
God I love those things.
Leaving High School for lunch? Oh how things have changed
She's not that old. I bet going to Little Caesar's involved climbing a fence.
Nope. There used to be a spot where someone widened the gap between two bars at the end of Libra Dr., behind the football field. But it was never a completely closed campus anyway, though.
I love that deal. I live across the street from a Little Caesar's, but I don't go too often since, well, I wanna hit 30 ;P
I love Little Caesar's!
I am eating one of those right now.
Mmmm I want one. Though I would probably get sick from all the cheese if i ate the whole pizza
Then you probably wouldn't order a cheese stuffed Cheese Lover's with extra cheese.
probably not. I like the pineapple one here in town. its just pineapple and cheese
I don't usually order a pizza with meat on it, but there's a place near here where they make an awesome chicken and pesto pizza.
I just ate some pizza from LC Mmmm
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