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Go Pro to Hide this Ad!

“Just something I thought was funny, that I saw while watching Spoony's live stream of System Shock.

Apparently you can pay to hide ads on Justin.tv

Or you can just download a basic free adblocker, lmao!”

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System Shock

System Shock (PC)

Genre/Style: Adventure/First-Person Adventure
Release Date:
Emblem for Genome

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Oh, hey!

GamerDNA devs... an idea here? Mayhaps?

I won't go pro... I find the ads too hilarious on my ability to mock them alone...

But hey--there is an idea for you guys on GamerDNA deverlopment.
there ARE no development people at GamerDNA anymore.

Just a bunch of squirrels running around on a wheel slowly dying off one by one.
@wastelander75 And as they die, their bodies hit add more ads to the site buttons.
Coming soon to your local Theater:

Squirrel of the Dead. Now in 3D!

(and 150% more commercials).
Why would you need an adblocker? You can block that just by changing your security settings in IE.
I don't use IE, I use Firefox.
There's your problem.
Yeah--especially now that IE has the Chrome plugin, having it use one of the better web renders out there.

I mean, yes, their Mosaic render is pretty horrid--but Google has kind of fixed that, so it is no longer used.

And for compatibility you have Webkit and Presto. at number one.. but for different compatibilities... and Gecko trailing very far behind.

With Mosiac no longer being used, as now you can use Webkit in IE via plugin.
The only plug-in you need is the XO Toolbar.
@LordXenophon How is that a problem? It takes less then 10 seconds to get Adblocker Plus.
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