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DKC by Orioto

“An awesome picture from Donkey Kong Country.

1 of the 24 pictures I use for desktop wallpaper.

It's done by Orioto from Deviant Art

He's awesome!

I use all 24 pictures in a slide show, each new desktop wallpaper comes up every 30 minutes.”

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Comments: 21
Donkey Kong Country

Donkey Kong Country (SNES)

Genre/Style: Action/Side-Scrolling Platform
Release Date:
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Haven't seen DKC in a long time. :o
Very nice, I have a script set up to switch my wallpaper every five minutes. To add more to the rotation I drop new images into a directory. Gotta love the versatility of Linux some days, eh?
Yeah, I had the same set up in FreeBSD, and my Mac will do the same thing. In fact I bet you can even do something similar (only much more difficult and less customizable with Windows now). Last time I saw Donkey Kong he was kidnapping carpenter's girlfriends and holding them hostage at the top of under-construction high-rises.
I'm using Windows 7 myself, I believe the sildeshow for desktop wallpaper was added in 7, I don't think XP had it.
@dowekeller Did the whole scene take place in a stand up box they interestingly enough called a cabinet? :p
@ryokea: I don't want to come off like I'm dissing Linux, I ran Linux for many years back in the late nineties, and my parents are still using Linux (Umbuntu to be exact). I like it, it's a good stable UN*X clone.
@ryokea: yep, in the back of the 7-11 across from my high-school. I must confess it lead to some tardiness in classes on my part.
@dowekeller It's cool man, you didn't sound like you were dissing Linux. I use it as my main OS but I still use XP for gaming purposes. I use the Ubuntu distro myself. I just had a new retro arcade open up locally to me, have yet to visit it though but I know the owner and he brought the list of games they have. Awesome selection.
@ryokea, I guess you could say I administer my parent's Linux system, but all I had to do was install it, make their accounts and relax. They were using XP before that and I was running (actually driving) 70 miles up their every weekend to get the bugger on its feet. I don't know what they were doing, before that I always thought XP was relatively stable.

Re the arcade: it's too bad they died out, but the truth is I'd rather play games in my living room, than to pay a quarter a pop to play them standing up in a crowded noisy room. There's the social aspect of the arcade, but really, how often did you socialize with anyone outside of your friends at the arcade, I'd rather invite them over for beers and games on a comfy sofa.
@dowekeller There is another retro arcade in my local area that has all the machines converted to push button machines, meaning you push a button you get a credit. You pay $5 to get in at the door and have access to Donkey Kong, Pacman, Galaga, etc
@ryokea, do they have couches and dining areas, I could seriously live there ;-D
@dowekeller Yea, I believe they have couches at least. I think I'll stop hijacking the comment section for this picture now :P feel free to message me though
He must have a deathwish to be riding a rhino on a mountain trail like that.
Riding a rhino anywhere, he stops to sudden and you slide forward of the saddle, you may spend the rest of your life singing soprano ;-)
And before a grammar nazi notices, yes I used "to" when I meant "too". #$@$% grammar nazis are the worst kind of nazis ... besides the taking over Europe and killing people kind of course.
Gasp! A typo! Quick, grammarians assemble! ;D
@dowekeller Oh, is that how you became a soprano? I'm sorry, I never knew...
@LordXenophon That could explain a bit about that TV series o_o
Maybe DK has balls of rhinestone.
thats pretty good photomanipulation!
that's the best one out of the bunch
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