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The Spoony One riffs on horrible Gamecrazy training video

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EarthboundX said...
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The video is so bad, it has this white lady doing a bad black person stereotype.
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Freaking hliarious!
Man that was fun watching that with you.

"It's amazing how every time we meet you find a whole new way to offend me!"

I wonder if the gamestop.com employee tutorial video is just as bad if not worse.

BTW, we still need to watch the video I was talking about last night. This random guy's attempt to try what the Nostalgia Critic does.

The review is for Small Soldiers in case you're curious.
I've seen a training video for Funcoland, it was pretty bad as well.

I think it was from the late 80s, or early 90s.
Hmm, well the Funcoland Video is just plain boring and cultish. At least the gamecrazy video was laughably bad.
That was pretty funny... and awful, at the same time (especially Zelda).
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