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Note to all, there's no such thing as freedom of speech at the Gamefaqs forums.

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EarthboundX said...
  • frustrated
Went to Gamefaqs, to check of the message board, got a message that my topic about my Secret of Evermore LP was deleted. Turns out I was somehow spamming, even though the board is pretty much dead.

That topic has been there for a while now, which means some jackass decided to mark it for the mods for no reason, I wasn't hurting anyone.

I'm really getting tired of the Gamefaqs forums, not sure why I still stick with them.

I've had a message removed because I told a troll I put them on ignore, yet the trolls messages never get removed.

Not sure when I'll learn, there's no such thing as freedom of speech at the Gamefaqs forums.
Secret of Evermore

Secret of Evermore (SNES)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Third-Person 2D Action RPG
Release Date:
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I think "No such thing as freedom of speech at Gamefaqs" is a little harsh, especially considering one of the site's majour services is game reviews in which users are allowed to say almost anything but profanity. Besides, who goes to GFs for the boards? Rofl. Not once have I ever been to them.
Tons of people go to the boards. Guess I'll rename it message boards.
@TheTot The gamefaqs boards used to be huge, and they're still pretty busy compared to most videogame forums.
@Fenrir085 Well that was uncalled for. I frequent GFs at least once a day, for the poll mostly, and I like to submit reviews. And I can assure you I am neither homosexual nor a cigarette.
@WILDMAMMOTH They're really badly designed >.>; I hate poorly constructed BBS's.
@TheTot Yeah, they are, but they still were popular a few years back. I know that they had a huge problem that made them less popular, but the stories I have heard are pretty wild and I don't really believe them. Anyway, they started cracking down on people's posts for some reason, and EarthboundX's complaint about them has become a fairly common one.

That said, I don't know why the message boards were ever popular. I assume it was just the fact that people wanted to visit the site for other reasons and somehow ended up on the forums.
@TheTot I did not intend to insult anyone, that is just my opinion. the FAQs I have used on there were always unreliable. but to anyone else that wishes to use that site is welcome to do so, I can't stop them.
this place is WAY better. you have to admit.
after all, if it was like that Harley would never have existed.
Yeah, the site definitely has its uses, but the forums are absolute crap. Ironically, my beef with them is that the mods didn't seem to lock enough. It's been awhile since I've checked out the forums, though, so maybe that's changed.
Ah, yeah I totally understand what you mean, so much is taken down with little or no attention to the content in it.
Huh. Good thing I've never actually wasted time on the Gamefaqs forum myself.
i only really go there to find out news quickly since it's so active but for discussion, most of the people there a assholes.
I'm sort of ashamed to say this, but I have a level 36 (Ancient) account there. Been there since 2000. I've seen those boards go through some good times, and much more bad times. While there has been a lot of drama, the worst was probably the merger with GameSpot. Ever since then, there has been an absolute hatred between the GF and GS users. Even though that was a few years ago, and they are technically on the exact same forums, people are still angry over it.

And from a technical standpoint, it still doesn't work correctly. On the GS side of the fence, you can have graphic signatures and avatars, do full quotes for people, etc. (y'know the basics for any forums). Yet on the GF side, it's just basic plain text. You can't edit your own posts, you can't quote people, and various other missing basic features. Add those up, and you get a very unbalanced and broken message board. Then toss in the average forum user, and sprinkle in some GF/GS hatred, and it's a never ending feud.

So, with that level of tension already set in place, and with GameFAQs being -extremely- strict on their rules, it's pretty difficult to have a normal conversation there. The simple mention of an emulator will get your post removed. Trying to help someone with custom firmware on their PSP to run their legitimate, purchased game? Moderation. Did you tell someone their post was worthless, and they didn't contribute to the conversation? Post removed. You have to keep a sort of "everything is perfect here, move along" mindset to post there. If someone is being an idiot/troll, all you can do is mark it, and wait. If you call them out on it, in hopes of informing other people of misinformation, you too will be moderated.

Tread lightly, but don't bother with the big stick. There are other people that use that.
Yeah GameFqs is annoying because every problem related to mine is never answered >_>
I've never visited the gamefaqs forums. I mostly only use the faqs. I'm surprised anyone has problem with the faqs. I've used them plenty and all of them seem perfect, plus there's usually a ton to chose from for any game.

Although I have to say sometimes there's thing such as too much freedom of speech. This is the reason I don't look at the reviews people submit on gamefaqs and instead look elsewhere.

I mean look at this mess of a review:

The guy obviously should give up on playing video games if he thinks Ghosts to Glory was seriously THAT hard. He constantly whines about the first level taking forever and being unbeatable when a few months ago I bought ghosts to glory for my 3 year old niece and let her play it and she got to the end of the first level in about 20 minutes, not even knowing what all the buttons do. Then, he ends the review by saying anyone who beat the game or flew through it has no life, is a nerd and has no friends. I thought it said review not whine-a-thon then diss people because you suck at something.
[this comment has been removed by gamerDNA]

I've only been to the monster hunter boards and they are pretty evil there. *sad*
@Bonemane, after reading a good portion of the review linked above {I couldn't take much more of it} in my unprofessional opinion, I think there is ALOT more going on there with that poster/ reviewer than just a hatred for Maximo.....8^)
Technically you don't have freedom of speech anywhere on the internet...

For instance we delete images here if needed, posts, comments, etc.
You may notice that my 200+ posts at gamefaqs are all missing. I believe my account is also gone. The only reason is because I plugged my gameamp.com profile in my signature. That was the only reason given, anyway.
@QforQ The difference is your threshold. My signature linked to gamamp.com for over a year, and you never cared. I've seen avatars which show butt crack, posts full of cuss words, plugs for people's personal websites and online stores, avatars which are too disturbing to look at, and even posts critical of gDNA staff. You hardly delete any of it, and only the worst offenses. Gamefaqs deletes at the drop of a hint.
@LordXenophon IF you do see things that are offensive, especially nudity and things like that, let us know. We'll get rid of it.

I've seen some terrible things in my time here :O
Not sure I expected this much of a reply, it was kinda of a I'm pissed off kinda post.

I've been going to the Gamefaqs forums since around 2001, I'm close to being an idol(Which means nothing)that post that was modded because I told a troll I put them on ignore, was my first modded post in the 8+ years I've been there.

The Gamefaqs forums do seem to be getting much worse.
This site is a million times better.
Sorry Boomer but that is spam, we don't need that here, no one is gonna sell a new 360 for 10 bucks
@QforQ I hate the FCC.
@Fenrir085 The FCC doesn't really have to do with much of this at all....
@QforQ I've seen actual nudity vanish from here, but I have yet to see any cartoon nudity vanish.

Not that I care if anyone posts screenshots of their toons naked. I'm more worried about avatars depicting graphic violence. I can just not follow a screenshot, but those disturbing avatars end up everywhere.
@LordXenophon If you see anything though, let us know. There are over 350,000 gamerDNA users, and it's basically impossible to know about all their images, avatars, and names. That is where we need your help :)
@BoomerDH81 So it's a contest? That still sounds like spam.
I have Gamefly, I like it. Do you work for Gamefly?
@BoomerDH81 That is what they call a pyramid scheme, and it most certainly is spam.
I use GameFly and really like it. I have been a subscriber for over 3 years and you have to know how to use the system, but I am very successful at getting the games I want when I do.
@BoomerDH81 I dunno, that still does sound like a Pyramid Scheme. Sounds like those websites, that say you can get a free anything, just for taking a survey.

I think someone did they math once, it turns out, you'd only be making, maybe two dollars any hour, and it would take you forever to get enough points.
@EarthboundX Its not a survey I just post my link and let it pretty much do all of the work I am still getting many signups everyday only need a couple more. how does that sound like a pyramid scheme you are advertising for the site thats it and your commission is the gift you choose.
@BoomerDH81 Lol *that's* what makes it a pyramid scheme, you're the one doing the advertising. It may seem like you're getting a free item out of the deal -- And you may very well be -- But haven't you ever asked how they can afford to give away those free things? It's because they're going to make three or four times the cost of the item you pick in the advertising revenue you're making for them.
@BoomerDH81 How does that sound like a pyramid scheme? That's the definition of a pyramid scheme! You get other people to join in, and then they get people to join in, and it keeps going until somebody gets hosed and the whole thing falls apart!
Let me draw it out...

You tell 12 people.
Those 12 people want their free item, so they tell 12 people.
That's already 144 people. Those 144 people aren't as dedicated to the system, and each of them only get up to referring 6 of their friends.
That's still 864 people that are now giving that company advertising revenue just from you.
I've noticed this spam/pyramid stuff is getting worse every day. This is the 3rd time this week in as many different convo threads of someone complaining about it.
nothing is worse then the gaia game forums. I'm ashamed that i still go there.
@CthulhuDreams You mean "Gaia Online"? I used to know the owner of that site, way back when it first launched. It used to be a huge RP board, nothing else. Yeah, back when it was still called Go-Gaia. Man that was a long time ago. I left when I saw it all going downhill. That was in like 2004 or 2005, long time ago.
@wastelander75 As far as I can tell, the pyramid stuff seems to mostly be one guy...
This reminds me of a very funny pyramid scheme I saw in Second Life. You buy this object for only L$20 (about a dime), the owner gets to keep L$5, the guy who sold him the object gets L$10, and the inventor of the pyramid gets $L5. I just had to buy it, not because I thought it would make money, but because it was hillarious - it's actually shaped like a pyramid.
I think there's 2 more I've heard mention about. Although it just might be one person using 3 different names.

One can only hope. And hope even harder that they stop. Or leave.
@wastelander75 Um...incidentally, I've been trying to find some highly motivated associates to help peddle my hamster and Viagra. If you pay me $500 and get yourself a few associates working under you, we can make a mint.
-wastelander75 is now a spamzie-

Spaam? spaam! -lurch shuffle lurch- spaaaaam!
You're better off just getting a job rather than doing those survey sites. I'm part of one called gaminglagoon.com and U.Talk.Back (check my bio). Gaminglagoon is one of the decent ones I've seen and they don't really rely on the pyramid part of the scheme as you can totally make some decent pocket change from just doing the surveys and offers. I started a few days ago and I made about 5 bucks in 2 hours, after that I participated in a few that didn't register so all in all I'd say I made about 5 bucks in 5 hours which isn't much, but I'm only doing the free surveys and such which are worth anywhere from 20 cents to a $1.50. They other stuff I've seen that give you like 34 bucks are the sign up things which I don't trust because how would signing up for something that costs me $6 a month give me $34...just seems fishy.

I wouldn't recommend it to anyone though. Unless you seriously don't have anything else to do sometimes (like me). Sure I made 5 bucks, but what will happen when I try to claim my money or prize? Plus everything is so slow. No survey takes 5 minutes, there's always a 30 minute wall of ads and scams. U.Talk.Back is more professional (there being no wall of ads and scams), but all the surveys come slowly. Took me a year and a half, but I finally got enough points to get a $60 Gamestop giftcard with U.Talk.Back....
@Bonemane Yup, so that was what? 2.50 an hour? No way is that worth it imo
Did gDNA implement an automatic despamification tool today, or is onemorehour editing his own posts manually?
you know there's an interesting story behind that.

You see

[this comment has been removed by gamerDNA]

oh and wait till I tell you about the time he tried to

[this comment has been removed by gamerDNA]
and OH my god you should have sen that thing he did. you know, that thing that's illegal in all but 1 state? and guess what, this isn't one of them. Man! when he did

[this comment has been removed by gamerDNA]
The Man got Wastelander! Cheese it!!! (Scooby Doo running noises)
[this comment has been removed by gamerDNA]

At least, that's what Wormy said, but what do I know?
Seems like everyone is enjoying themselves lol
It always worries me when I see the least little bit of spam or troll like behavior here, because this is sort of my decompression chamber, talking about the games we all love, and much of the time, stuff that isn't even remotely connected to gaming at all. Community is such a tenuous thing, and it only takes a few cretins to ruin it for the rest of us.
Regarding the Freedom of Speech thing, it doesn't apply on this or the gamefaq forum, not because this is the internet, but because this is somebody else's private property, analogous to a cork and pin bulletin board one often sees in some private businesses (laundries often have these). These bulletin boards are put up for the benefit of the customers who often use them to sell items, or advertise community events, however, the owner of the business has every right to remove any adverts he wishes at his own discretion, because its his property. If you have your own server on the internet, you can post what ever you want, it's your right.

Now, re overzealous moderation, I believe that it's smartest for moderators to err on the site of leaving things up. If posters feel their being gagged, they'll migrate to some other site, and if your posters are important to your business, that can be a bad thing.
*hugs dowekeller*

We'll be fine.
@dowekeller Yeah, I think I'm gonna take my own advice, and no longer go the the Gamefaqs forums, it was an outlet for my social side, of course I now have GamerDNA for that.
So in response you start spamming THIS board with useless junk that has nothing to do with the game as well?
@soheifox What are you talking about? And why did you revive a thread that had been dead for 10 days?
@soheifox Wow, an actually troll here at GamerDNA....

This is a social gaming site, not everything has to do with video games.
@soheifox Not that this would've shown up in your gamerCURRENT at this late date anyway, but you can always use the "hide" feature to keep members threads from showing up and messing up your chi or whatever happened to prompt you to make that rude post....or you can just manually ignore threads that don't appeal to you.

Consolation hamster for EarthboundX. Here you go.

.....I wonder if....could it be...a....second profile of....no, that's just crazy talk.
@BofusTeefus Nah, that's not Boomer.
It is weird though that he has made no other posts besides his gameplay events. Looking at his profile, it seems like this is the only one... But the profile is older than Boomer's was, so I would think that post is just a troll post and nothing more.
Excersicing Freedom of Speech? lol
@Mishy Ha, perhaps.
@WILDMAMMOTH I think it was the fact that spam was mentioned on this particular thread. Made me do a triple take.
Hey guys, please chill out.

Since this post has so many comments, it's going to be naturally bubbled up to people in the community via their Spotlight feature, or emails that are sent from GamerDNA to users showing them what is happening on the site.

No need to attack each other, or have crazy conspiracy theories :)
@QforQ I wasn't aware we were attacking each other, hehe.
@QforQ OK, I think we can do that. But as Bofus said, the theories came from the fact that it was this particular thread. In any other thread we probably wouldn't have even noticed.
@QforQ I'm still waiting to find Jimmy Hoffa in this thread....or aliens. The truth is in here.
You want the truth? YOU CAN'T MISHANDLE THE TRUTH!
Wow, I was wondering why I suddenly had a giant update for this thread. Yay necroposting!
Necroposting is a strong tradition at this site. You know that.
speaking of that i should probably go dig up some olde threads
I've never had a post deleted, or thread. But I've heard many stories. Maybe I just have good luck.
@LordXenophon I accidentally dropped the TRVTH and a corner chipped off. Does that count?
I know this is off topic, but *update* on the pyramid scheme sites we were talking about. Like I said before who knows what will happen once I go to claim whats owed to me. So yesterday on GamingLagoon I tried to request a ps2 to xbox 360 controller converter only for them to ban me for no reason and now they're not responding to my calls or support tickets. Yeah these sites aren't scams at all =/
@Bonemane I wouldn't have been surprised if Boomer was actually someone working for those types of sites, and never actually got a 360.
@EarthboundX I actually thought he was just a bot until he got mad at me.
Svoboda can't handle the TRVTH!
@WILDMAMMOTH What, bots don't have feelings too?
Did you get sensored, or did you just not have much to say?
He probably got bored of waiting for his first comment to post, so he pushed post a lot, hehe.
Heh. Oops. Double post...I swear, it's never happened to me before.....


I.....*coughcough*.....well....um....I usually have a bit more self-control than that....I can't even get the stupid thing to delete now.
@Dryad @Svoboda This TRVTH you speak of wouldn't happen to be an old, crumbly, plaster bench, would it?
@BofusTeefus In my experience, bots most certainly do not have feelings.
@LordXenophon I think it's supposed to be a wide pedistal, but it sounds like you've seen it.
I have SEEN the truth! And it's a rather tacky garden ornament.
@dowekeller That's definately the TRVTH you saw.
I know that this is a little late, but I felt like commenting.

Gamefaqs.com has really horrid moderators. They'll let someone refer to a game company as nazi's at times, yet will mark a very helpful, informative topic telling you a lot about how to do something that has been on the board for 3 WHOLE YEARS if it has the word assistant in it, all because of the first 3 letters.

I used to defend gamefaqs.com until that happened.

That's one of the reasons I've had to make a thread directed at the mods of certain sites telling them how to do their jobs and even daring them to give the job to me so I could prove that I could do better.
@Bonemane Well if you did that at Gamefaqs, they'd just ignore it, and delete the topic.
That's because Gamefaqs can't handle the TRVTH, either.
@Svoboda It's called a dias. People used to stand on them before they invented soap boxes. And that's the honest TRVTH!
Oh, I get it, you elevate the troublemakers over crowd level. Makes it easier for the assassins to get a head-shot.
Wash your feet before you stand on the dias. You wouldn't want to dirty the TRVTH.
You're not allowed to clean the TRVTH anyway. That's called "revisionism."
I thought sanitizing the truth was called "censorship."
Besides, Biggus is saying we should trample the TRVTH underfoot.
Normally, I would say that if you are moving a large, plaster object of this sort, you should throw a cargo blanket over it for protection. In this case, however, you would be covering up the TRVTH.
Damned right! It's a first amendment violation to cover up the TRVTH!
I imagine you had a lot of trouble moving that TRVTH. The weight of the TRVTH can be very oppressive.
You could put the TRVTH in a wagon. Of course, then it would be like pulling a TRVTH.
So join the forums here instead of gamefaqs!! I only go gamefaq to check game reviews, but I never touch their boards. somehow the posts there dun leave me a very good impression.
Yeah. gDNA is not afraid of the honest TRVTH!
@Svoboda Yeah, and I figure it will be that way, unless the whole youtube situation happens.
They should be afraid of the TRVTH on YouTube. I mean, it's really heavy and some of those guys on YouTube are accident prone.
What's this whole TRVTH thing? Making fun of a typo?
That's how it's spelled on this dias Svoboda found in the basement of the Nelson building. I think it's supposed to make it look more Roman. So, most of these jokes are about a stubby, stone pedestal with "TRVTH" written on it.
Great. Now people are going to be trying to get into the basement of the Nelson building in search of the TRVTH.
I've got some coins with "In God We Trvst" on them, does that count?
If you have TRVTH, you have no need for Trvst.
@SeoulMage Actually, I first saw the TRVTH in the Ritter building. They moved it to the Nelson building when they tore down the Ritter building.
So you found the TRVTH in a building you can't prove exists? That's good to know.
At least Svo knows the TRVTH when she sees it. That's better than most people can say.
She may know it when she sees it, but she still can't handle the TRVTH.
Man, you people are artisans of taking posts off topic, haha.
What's off topic? You want freedom of speech, but you don't want to stand on a TRVTH while you speak?
artisans?? we're grandmasters of trolling and deviation and off-topic EarthboundX. you underestimate us
The only fora that comes close to gDNA that I know about is alt.folklore.computers, where a thread titled "TOPS-10 error codes" can drift from the titled subject to a heated discussion on how the PDP-10 was SO much better than the VAX, to the proper way to load from cassette on a ZX81, to why the traffic i in Boston is so Fscked up. But then we probably could hold our own, after all, the harley thread is still going strong and has covered nearly every subject known to man, and a few outside that set.
It hasn't come close to covering every topic known to woman. Of course, I'm aware that's 20 times as much stuff as every topic known to man.
@Svoboda what about hermaphrodites then? lol
They don't know much unless the textbook is written in Greek.
If that's true, does that mean all the hermaphrodites live in those houses numbered in Greek on that little street named in Greek?
Wow! Someone revived this topic?
ROFL! He only shows up once a month anyway, so to him, it never died. You two are just used to checking things every day.
I would make a point, here, though: There's no "freedom of speech" on the internet, because most of the boards are privately held. They (QfQ, as a f'rinstance) can look at a post, look at the rules, and remove the post. jkbarbie had posted something to me recently and when I went to check it, it had already been removed. I can't say whether she did it, or Q did it, but I can say for a fact that it's almost unreasonable to expect true 'freedom of speech.' While this is a very old frame of reference, "one cannot use Freedom of Speech to yell 'fire' in a crowded theater when non exists."

In the context of this conversation, we're talking about the borderline random odds that someone is:

a) monitoring the forum in question for actual dangerous/ToS violating content, then

b) caring enough to check it more thoroughly, as opposed to what they likely have done, given their tremendous installed user base, is automate the process of thread deletion which means

c) That it's not so much that your freedom of speech has been impinged. It's that your 'right to reasonable expression inasmuch as defended by the ToS" has not been upheld. Now we've known each other for a few... what, months?

Give those few months, I can say with some certainty that you've never done anything I consider in any way offensive, but I can't guarantee that. Regardless, I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt. That being the case, then yes, it's a ridiculous thing to have happen.

Nonetheless. I'm opining on what is effectively a dead post. But I am not the threadcromancer. I'm just saying "Yeah, that's annoying, but since you don't go there anyway, why stress over it?"
That's right. It's Mishy's job to necro threads.
@Svoboda damn straight that is!
*turn undead*
IGN is not any better.

Troll the trolls and people will listen to you.
Wow! This is another immortal topic.
@Fallout2Forever if the correct people post it WILL become immortal lol
I've been on GameFAQs for a long time now (probably around 10 years), and I agree - I've had numerous times when perfectly normal posts have been modded, or I've asked a sincere question and been hounded by trolls.

It's really annoying at times. but in truth it's also one of the best places for game-specific message boards, and amongst the trolls there are some genuinely intelligent people. Great for finding out information quickly due to the amount of active members, but a pain to put up with at times.
@LeonBelmontX Try /v/
@Linked713 Sorry? What d you mean?
@Linked713 Wow, those are some horrible people, what the hell was that?
ask questions in /v/ and you'll get an answer quickly. and wtf EarthBoundX? horrible people? lol get into /b/. 4chan is the website of choice for few laughs.

NOTE: NEVER EVER take ANYTHING from this site seriously. So if you're the Mr.Serious Type, this website will freak you out.
Wow, that is pretty bad. Still, its frustrating with GameFAQs because I know theres always someone there who has the information I need :P
* Rolls up a monk and names him "Sirius Lee." *
@LeonBelmontX dunno. gamefaqs is always dead for me.. I just use /v/ for questions. Usually get answers in a refresh or two. there is (thats a fact) way more people on 4chan than ign and gamefaqs united. and /v/ is in itself a server. post something there and in a refresh thousands of people see it. You're most likely going to get an answer.

Think of it as a worldwide twitter with way less restriction
@EarthboundX Yeah, there's a reason why there are a lot of people on gamefaqs.com who say that knowing about 4chan should be a bannable offense.
@Fallout2Forever NOT knowing 4chan should be a bannable offence. You know, there is one site - grouping up all of the trolls you'll ever see.... and you want it to be gone? It's like saying you want to make the U.S Worldwide - that would plain socks!!
Ooooh God. don't even start me on the Bullshit that Gamefaqs calls their "Character battles" The ones who vote are 10 year old Nintendo fan boys. Ok, Link Vs Thrall (wow orc chieftain). Who wins? Link. A character that as NO Personality, there is nothing about Link that makes him even REMOTELY interesting, save the fact that you control him and beat the game, save the realm, and save the princess. Then we take Thrall, who during the course of Warcraft 3 and WoW has been fleshed out nicely, has personality, has character, has reasons for his actions.

I am so fucking sick of the Character Battles on Gamefaqs and quite sick of the site as it is anyways, yeah I posted a few things on the forums and like I said, Nintendo fanboys will tear you apart. Every year the same characters win.
@Neodarkside One day, Blue yoshi shall rule over everyone...
@Linked713 That will be the day I go competley insane..
@Neodarkside That sentence did not make any sense, you are and yoshi isn't even near to this goal...


kidding ;)
Wait... Secret of Evermore... LP? WHAT? WHERE? lol
I Looooooooove Secret of Evermore, wish it was on Xbox Live, I'd buy it in a heartbeat.
@Neodarkside I sincerely doubt the game will ever be rereleased anywhere unfortunately.

I can however see it as eventually becoming abandonware.
Oh well, I have the original SNES cart and have it on a Emulator somewhere. Still one of my all time favorite games. Music from it is just great.
@Neodarkside Yeah, the music from the game kinda reminds me of some capcom and konami games around its time.

Very underrated stuff.
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