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Just hit 600!

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EarthboundX said...
  • excited
With adding Maximo Vs the Army of Zin, I'm now up to 600 games, Jesus.
Maximo vs Army of Zin

Maximo vs Army of Zin (PS2)

Genre/Style: Action/Third-person 3D Action
Release Date: 21/JAN/04
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Dang, congrats! That's pretty intense.
i wish i had even 1/4 of that. how did you manage to get that high? I'd be broke....forver....if i even TRIED to THINK about doing 600 games.
...some one has a bit of an addiction... :D
@TheArtofBalance I think I do, I never sell or get rid of my games, even if I don't like them, I still keep them.
That's just outrageous. I don't think I break 100, even if I go all the way back to the SNES days.
@EarthboundX I have the same issue, I don't have an exact count on all my games but I know I'm well past the point of no return.
Wowzers! I dunno how many I have or have had over the years.. I never sell back games (a bit of a pack rat in that ;D) but I don't buy as many as I would like to. Sounds like you have one heck of a grand collection there! :D

And my family thinks *I* am bad for being a "game freak"
Yeah, looking at my two shelving units, it really doesn't look like that many. Though I did add Wiiware, Steam, and other game sources.
we should petition for a "most of " section to gDNA. Member with most games listed, image with most posts listed, item with most votes on it, and so forth.
@wastelander75 Aaand... we'd see all sorts of people adding every game (and making some up) just to make the list, there'd be tons of people saying they'll comment on someone if they get commented on.. all sorts of lame content would flood forth like a plague of filth. I'm reminded of the H4H levels in LBP.. yeah. ><
@wastelander75 Yeah, that sounds nice, but like Night said, it'd be full of liars, and spam.
As if anyone needs to make up a game. There are litterally tens of thousands of real games which have yet to be entered into the system. Also, if someone wants to write their own game in VisualBasic or something, and then enter it here, I have no problem with it, just so long as they make their home-made game available to the rest of us.
Certainly promoting creativity is a good thing but we're more likely to see game postings of 'new_account30165 played "lol im awsum"' or some such.
yeah there are the less than noble ones out thee that'd do that sort of thing.
IGN has or used to have a member spotlight type of thing where they'd feature members that had large game collections. There was one member featured that had somewhere over 1K games. Of course that included almost every system in the history of gaming and probably some imported from other regions.
Yeah, holy cow, grats. O.o
Almost all of my gaming equipment is imported from other regions. The only things I know of which were made locally are my StarTAC phone (now useful only for playing Tetris) and some of the microchips on my motherboard. My PlayStation came all the way from Japan!
@mnightwind The devs here did worry about that when they were decideing whether to let us add our own games, and they decided it was worth the risk. We were asking them to add so many games, they couldn't keep up. They still can't keep up with thumbnails for all these games.
@LordXenophon Yea, while we let you add your own games if it isn't in the system, it doesn't become a "official" game until a good number of people add it. At which point we review the game to ensure it's real...then push it up.
I've noticed that when I enter a game for the first time, it doesn't even record which platform I associated it with. I've been entering quite a few ancient games lately.
I also never sell/trade-in/or anything of that sort. I did it a few times, and still regret it. Hence, I now keep everything I can. I'm up to 335 games, but there's still more I could add, I'm sure.
@EarthboundX Congratulations dude. :) I'm with you on not selling games. Only through reading about it online I realized people actually do that. A colleague of mine told me he throws away older games, which genuinely surprised me.
@LordXenophon Games manually added a long time ago, with an older version of gDNA, don't have a platform associated. I think you didn't even get the option to do that at the time, but I honestly don't remember.
Heh, I generally avoid selling games. However sometimes it is necessary. I've also had a large amount of my games go missing over the years as well.

Though, myself I am just barely past 130.

Clearly I must make up some games >.>
I need to go through my collection and just do a count.
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