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Just got Cryostasis for free!

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EarthboundX said...
  • excited
Nvidia is offering free copies of the game while supplies last.

Make sure you don't miss Cryostasis, it's one of the best games I played in 2009.

Bah...just checked, the codes are used up, haha.

Cryostasis (PC)

Genre/Style: Adventure/Survival Horror
Release Date: 28/APR/09
Emblem for Genome

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Wow, the Nvidia store blows, you can only download the game for 30 days, then never again. Are they even trying to complete with places like Steam and D2D? Places that let you download them forever?
I'm glad I am a lifetime member of the ATI fan club. :P
I can't really complain about the store, since I got the game 100% free. Though there's no way in hell I'd ever buy a game from an online store set up like that.
@Torinir What's ATI have to do with anything?
At least when I get an offer from ATI, it doesn't have strings attached and works as intended. o_O
What are you talking about? What strings? It was 100% free, that's how their store works, has nothing to do with the game.

It was a Twitter giveaway.

Taking sides with a graphic card company seems pretty pointless.
Though if I did have to take sides, I'll probably pick Nvidia, only card type I've ever used, plus Nvidia users get PhyX.

I have a feeling you're gonna say you don't care about PhyX, but I'd rather have more options then less.
I have no idea what you meant by works as intended either, I downloaded the game, it works.

Free is free, doesn't matter what company.
Pretty much all I'm saying, say the Nvidia online game store sucks, because it does, but not the graphic cards.
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