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Get both Overlord games for under ten bucks on Steam!

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EarthboundX said...
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Steam is having a huge sale, get both Overlord, and it's expansion, and Overlord II, for under 10 bucks!

I just got em!
Overlord II

Overlord II (PC)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Strategy RPG
Release Date: 23/JUN/09
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Yeah, 75% off, huge deal.
I've been considering it.
I really dislike Steam...otherwise I'd buy it. Grats and enjoy!
not sure why people have such a huge beef with Steam...but hey everyone has different experiences...I for one really love Steam, and I took advantage of this Overlord deal, got a copy for my wife and myself... can't wait to dig in!
@Firedorn What's wrong with Steam?
@mantooth012 why not one purchase for both? unless you have 2 computers.
@EarthboundX I dislike steams... I do not need a launcher with XYZ capabilities for my games... I do NOT need anything from steam. but I can't run things without it
@Linked713 we each have our own gaming rigs =)
I have zero problems with Steam, I've gotten a lot of cheap games from them.
Yeah, I haven't found any problems with Steam either. -shrugs- I don't necessarily see what people's problems with it would be. (except the fact GameGuard seems to hate it)
@Storiwyr some games requires steam in order to run, but steam is completly useless to me... So I basically see it as a waste of space and memory >.>...
Well like I said, you can get some pretty cheap games from Steam.
its my new addiction, seeing what goes on sale on steam.
@EarthboundX Steam is a steaming pile of... =P
Honestly, I don't like the fact that I need to install a piece of software to be able to run my games, one that hogs quite a few resources as well. This is the main reason I don't like Steam. EA does the same thing with their online store.

Other than that, I purchased 1 game on Steam and it didn't work, so they told me (6 days after my support request) to go back to the retailer I bought it from, since I was in Russia. I told them that if Canada was Russia, then the US really had their heads up their arse during the cold war. I demanded a refund due to the fact that the Steam version of the game would not launch on my PC, but the boxed version of the same game did. They refunded me about a week later.

Other than that, I hear a few horror stories for Steam versions of games. Makes me avoid it like the plague.
@Firedorn Modern warfare 2 NEEDS steam in order to play and it is wuite horrible... I have the PC version from disk. It took me 3 system restarts, file deleting and 3 hours to make this game work. It installs with steams and corrupts some of the game files... when I start the game and it crashes steams just bugs the crap out of my PC. so I need to restart, find the corrupted file and delete it. then I have to do an integrity check so steams download the file... then retry... Then my game crash for another file... same trick, and again.

Should have gone for PS3 Version...
@Linked713 sounds like the usual Steam stories. Is that why you're playing WoW?
I have a feeling STEAM didn't really think the MW2 deal through, with the release and compatible with IW.net but back on topic...

Overlord is an amazing game, i kinda got bogged down with multi tasking and ended up quitting as my critters kept drowning and i sulked. :(
@Firedorn no link between wow and MW2 im afraid.
I've had Steam for a while now, I've had zero problems with it, you guys must be unlucky.
@EarthboundX They really do. I've been using steam for a few years.. I love it.
I've never had a problem with Steam. Been using it since '06. I saw the deal. Might get it. I love Steam's deals.
@mokey91 Well the deal has been over for a week or so now, sorry, haha. It was only for the weekend.
@EarthboundX Hmm..."5 days ago"...I was just going through my "Spotlight" on the main page. >.>
@mokey91 All Hail the RNG
@mokey91 It was one of Steam's pretty rare weekend sales, I still can't believe they were 75% off.
@EarthboundX This will sound stupid but no one asked (shame on you all) How are you enjoying them? where are you into them? I do own the sequel and it's pikmin with more humour.
Yup, I've beaten the first one before, really enjoyed it.
@EarthboundX Niiice, I have to continue with Overlord 2, it's funny =)
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