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EarthboundX's gameplay for World in Conflict (PC)

EarthboundX played World in Conflict

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EarthboundX said...
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Beat the game! This was one of the best RTS games I've played this decade.
World in Conflict

World in Conflict (PC)

Genre/Style: Strategy/Action Strategy
Release Date: 18/SEP/07
Emblem for Genome

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132 minutes
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Really? Maybe you could tell us why it was so leet. Is it fast paced?
World in Conflict is not a true RTS as it does not feature base building. Instead, all the focus is on using 4-5 units of either tanks, infantry, helicopters, or support. The focus of the game is microing those units to capture command points. Capping command points gives you tactical aid points to spend on artillery barrages, tanks busters, and even nukes! Did I mention its one of the most beautifully rendered RTS to date?

If your into those kind of games, you dont want to pass up this underrated title!
Most scores I've seen give it over a 9, not sure it's underrated, haha.
Strange story....I signed up for Gamespot and apparently my email already had one, so I go and change the password and reactivate it and stuff.

And I'm all logged in as a username I haven't used since I played starcraft when I was 13. Strange part is, I had one of those AOL families and never had the chance to go to any online sites, with an email I didn't even have until I was 16!

Now I'm spooked
Now that is weird.
Finally! Someone who likes this game. I never played the Single Player campaign. The online's fun.

Basically, it's like your basic online shooter where you have to cap control points and beat the opposing team, but instead of being FPS, you control a small group of units, RTS style. Awesome game...might just re-install it now...I'm getting the itch.
Single Player was fun, Ive beaten it a couple times. I always recommend new players play the single player campaign first, because each mission has a focus on certain parts of the game- its a good way to learn how to use TA better or microing your units for success.

But the multiplayer is definitely where its at, although you need to find a clan pretty quickly, the game requires such teamwork that having a noobs AA no where near my tanks makes me angry. And that happens every second match.
I didn't play the MP, and I won't be.
IGN says the best RTS of 2009 is dawn of war 2
I am tired of C&C, Red Alert and warcraf titles... Please, god of gaming, bring us a brand new RTS that doesn't suck =D xD
What's wrong with C&C? I have the third one, it's pretty fun.
@Linked713 and wtf is wrong with wc? wc 3 is like one of the best games ever.
WC3 is one of the worst in my book. Heroes killed the game for me. But none understands me.
@Linked713 wow you have got some strange taste there, buddy.
You must love Daikatana lol
You're not well placed to state what I do like or not. Never played Daikatana, but WC3 was a huge let down for me because of the heroes and their leveling system. Starcraft was more my forte.

Didn't mea to sound harsh, but I hate when someone comes out of nowhere and say "lol your taste sucks I'm sure you're that type" but I am normally not that respectful when it happens.
sorry few typos.
@EarthboundX If you follow my logic, there is nothing wrong with the games I have stated, only those that I haven't mentioned left me with a bad taste, thus my wish for a brand new RTS game.

C&C and Red Alert were awesome, but EA seems to copy paste the same things with minor tweaks and pretend it to be a new game... and it's sad ><.
Rise of Nations is da best RTS evar!
But I'm downloading World In Conflict now...gonna try out the single player. You got me intrigued.
World in Conflict scared me a bit. Mostly the cut scenes. They lagged a lot and the sound was way off sync. And it's not like I have a bad computer, in fact my computer is GOOD. Not the best, but pretty damn good.

May of had to do with running things in the background but w/e. Combat in that game was pretty unique but didn't tickle my fancy.
@Linked713 Sorry about that other comment, I just really get "fanboyish" about wc3 : P
I have to go with Blizzard here and say I like WC3 and SC more than any other RTS games.
@bettadud I didn't have any of the issues you had.
If your looking for new RTS games, Ubisoft just entered closed beta with R.U.S.E, a wwii RTS game. Its kind of like Company of Heroes, only on a bigger scale. Also, theres a huge focus on protecting supply lines and maintaining your economy as you enter the later stages of the game.

As for WC3, I didnt like the heroes either, although I didnt invest too much time into it. The custom maps like DotA and Sheeps vs. Rabbits were awesome though, perfect for LANfests with my classmates.

Oh, and the best RTS was Age of Empires 2. Other RTS's can't even touch AoE2... unless you're Korean.
AoE2 was awesome but had no soul... ><

Starcraft was my favorite The game, and user made maps.
Yup UMS were the best. I still play SC so there are newer maps and they are always getting to be more fun than before. Can't wait for SC2!
@Pwnererer Your avatar reminded me of another favorite RTS of mine. Although it lacked multiplayer, Dune 2 was awesome. Wormsign FTW!
Dune 2000 aka Dune 2 was my favorite SEGA Genesis game ever. Never been able to beat the imperial forces.... or whatever they are called (purple)
i didnt like the heroes in wc3 atleast not in combination with the normal games

I always played custom maps which were so much more fun then the normal game

but back to world in conflict

I love this game, dunno why i never bought it played the demo a lot :P

multiplayer of this game is very nice


I am going to try it tonight. if my games are done downloading ><
Hey Jason. By any chance, do you have a favorite RTS? Mine so far is Spellforce.
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