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EarthboundX's gameplay for World in Conflict (PC)

EarthboundX played World in Conflict

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EarthboundX said...
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Completed the next American mission, held the bridge until the coward Bannon could get there to blow it.
World in Conflict

World in Conflict (PC)

Genre/Style: Strategy/Action Strategy
Release Date: 18/SEP/07
41 minutes
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Playing an RTS eh?
More tactical than strategy, this one.
@luckz And that is a very, very good thing.
Eh, not really. Maybe if you're the FPS/twitch-only crowd otherwise.
Hey, don't get me wrong, I love strategy games as well (can't wait for SupCom 2), but the Real Time Tactics genre has been sadly underrepresented for a while. I'm glad to see more games like WiC and DoW2 (though lack of mod support kills me), they're a nice break from the norm.
Yeah, I've never played another RTS game like WIC, it's really different, and a lot of fun.
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