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EarthboundX's gameplay for Dragon Ball: Origins (DS)

EarthboundX played Dragon Ball: Origins

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EarthboundX said...
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Got up to level 2-1.

This game seems to be following the uncensored version of Dragonball. I saw Goku's penis for a split second, and Bulma flashes Master Roshi her vagina, to get the Dragonball.

I'm pretty surprised they are using the uncensored version.
Dragon Ball: Origins

Dragon Ball: Origins (DS)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Third-Person 2D Action RPG
Release Date: 04/NOV/08
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Kinda makes me wanna find the uncensored version of Dragonball, even though I'm not a huge fan.
Oh Master Roshi you pedophile.
Roshi likes them big, Roshi likes them small, Roshi likes them all
If I recall in the cartoon Roshi had a collection of the girly magazines too.
Yep, he's a huge pervert.

I wonder, is there even an English dub of a fully uncensored Dragonball?

I don't think there's one for Dragonball Z.
I'd like to hear it. I cannot watch the japanese Dragon Ball series because I cannot take the heroes seriously. Their voices are girlishly high.
And that is fine for the younger days of Goku, but adult Goku (DBZ) sounding like a five year old...not happening.
Yeah, I've noticed something about anime, and pretty much other types of Japanese media.

The voices pretty much never match the characters at all.

Well, not that I've seen a lot of anime that was still in Japanese, but from the ones I have seen, it just seems that way.
Usually the Japanese versions are better. But in rare cases like DBZ and Cowboy Bebop, it's better to see the English dub.
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