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EarthboundX's gameplay for Deadly Creatures (WII)

EarthboundX played Deadly Creatures

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EarthboundX said...
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Just beat Chapter 8 as the Scorpion, it starts at the point in Chapter 7, when the two humans find the chest full of gold coins.

The Scorpion is right under the chest itself, it just misses being chopped in two by the human's shovel, as it backs up, the Giant Gila Lizard breaks thru a nearby hole. It's almost gets the Scorpion, when the shovel comes down on the Lizard, cutting it thru the middle. This is the dead lizard one of the humans mentions seeing in chapter 7.

After the greedy human knocks out the other one with the shovel, the shock wave creates a way out of the hole. The Scorpion thinks about stinging the unconscious man's arm, which is blocking part of the new way out, but decides against it.

The Scorpion then follows the path the Tarantula took in the last chapter for a certain ways, even seeing the spider fleeing, until it chops down some weeds, to pass thru another area. After this patch of weeds, it finds a small army of toy army men fighting a battle toward a toy T-Rex.

After fighting some Rats, Praying Mantises, and Wolf Spiders, it finds it's way into some strange pipe network.

After escaping from a Black Widows next of webbing, It goes thru some large shafts full of pipes, and hang hooks for some reason. Little later the chapter ends, near a dead rat.

This level is pretty short compared to Chapter 7, but it's a lot harder, I died a few times. I'm pretty sure there's only 2 chapters left.

It had a few cool moments in it, the piping system was pretty interesting to navigate, at one point, you enter this really long pipe, I thought it might have been coming up in a sink in the human's cabin, but it didn't.

I saw a few newer finishing moves I haven't seen before, my favorite is against the rats, the Scorpion stings the rat in the neck, spins around with it's tail, knocking out the rats feet from under it, and stabs it thru the skull with it's stinger, it actually gets it's stinger stuck in the skull for a few seconds, it's pretty awesome.

Here are some links to my previous adventures with Deadly Creatures.

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Deadly Creatures

Deadly Creatures (WII)

Genre/Style: Action/Third-person 3D Action
Release Date: 09/FEB/09
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good god this thing's getting pretty brutal now.
You didn't need to nudge me about this Fenrir, thanks for nudging it though, hehe.
Cool :o
Huh, sucks to be that guy,

And people told me this could be a kid's game. Heh.
@Spookty The people who say things like that, usually never actually played the game in question, kinda like when people bashed on the Gamecube.
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