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EarthboundX's gameplay for Deadly Creatures (WII)

EarthboundX played Deadly Creatures

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EarthboundX said...
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Just beat Chapter seven, and it's my favorite chapter yet!

You're once again the Tarantula, the level starts at the point in chapter six, right after the Scorpion and Tarantula fight, and the Tarantula runs off.

The Tarantula heads thru the same Octopus Canyon as the Scorpion did in the last chapter, though by a different route. After killing a few Horned Lizards(which are much easier since the Tarantula now has the feed ability)the Tarantula discovers the Wasteland, where it see the two humans, who have finally found the chest of gold coins, they also find a dead lizard in the same hole.

Greed sets in, and the human with the shovel hits the other on the head, knocking him unconscious. This is the first time in the game the Tarantula actually comes in close contact with the humans, as it has to crawl over one of the unconscious human's legs to pass.

The Tarantula comes to a very cool looking part of the game, the wasteland is full of tons of discarded items, the first one it runs into is a old tossed out TV from the 80s, which has been taking over by some Black Widows.

A little while ahead the Tarantula see one of the human's dragging the other one's inert body.

The Tarantula then comes onto what looks like a house in the distance, but on coming closer, it find's it's actually a thrown out dollhouse, also full out Widows.
After crawling thru a broken terrarium or fish tank, it has to face off against two Horned Lizards at the same time.

After fighting a group of about twelve Wolf Spiders, the Tarantula comes on to what at first I thought was a firetruck, but was actually a rusted out flat bed truck, which seemed to have been hauling numerous things at some point.

A water heater, tons of pizza boxes, and even an old arcade game unit called Arac Attack, and many other things fill the mess in and around the truck.

So after crawling thru all parts of the truck, even on the dashboard that has one of those hula girls, which starts dancing when the Tarantula comes near it.

So after all that, crawling around all sorts of thing, even inside a air spring mattress, the Tarantula makes it over a cliff, only to be grabbed by the human, and the chapter ends.

This is the best looking level so far, the detail is everything is amazing, and crawling thru the truck is pretty indescribable, it all just looks so awesome.

Here are some links to my previous adventures with Deadly Creatures.

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Deadly Creatures

Deadly Creatures (WII)

Genre/Style: Action/Third-person 3D Action
Release Date: 09/FEB/09
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This game looks so interesting. I want to try it, but I don't think I could handle playing as a tarantula.
@continentalop Not a fan of spiders? hehe

My skins crawls everything I see a Black Widow in the game, we had them all over the place when I lived in California
Crap, nudged this twice, sorry bout that, meant to do something else.
@EarthboundX Black widows are pretty terrifying. I used to live in a house where they would pop up in the basement from time to time. At least you're fighting against them in this game.
living in the mountains as a child, they'd grow extra large there, fully splayed out once, the biggest we killed was about as large as my hand at the time, mostly due to the legs, but the body was quarter sized. big sumbitch
@wastelander75 Wow, I've never seen a Widow that big, most I saw in CA was pretty small, but there was tons of em everywhere.
yeah. the brown recluses got even bigger than that.
Ah, Black Widows aren't so bad. As long as you're not really young, really old, or allergic, the only thing that the venom is likely to do to you is induce searing pain and make you feel sick. It's an extremely painful bite, but you're not likely to die from it.
the most that would happen is that the skin around the bite would peel off in thick black layers. and yes, maybe a day of being/feeling sick and stiff.
Yep, but in most cases it isn't too bad. A bit from a Brown Recluse or a Hobo Spider would be much more unpleasant.

Interestingly, if a Black Widow bites a dog it doesn't really do anything to the dog.
Yeah, searing pain isn't a big deal to me either, I take punches in the groin for breakfast.
@EarthboundX I could say so many things, but I won't. :P
@Torinir I'm sure you could tell I was being sarcastic.

I just thought it was funny that WILDMAMMOTH said Black Widow bites aren't so bad, then mentions searing pain, haha.

Of course he was comparing it to death.
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