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EarthboundX's gameplay for Deadly Creatures (WII)

EarthboundX played Deadly Creatures

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EarthboundX said...
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Continued chapter 4, as the Scorpion I made my way to the Tarantula Hawks' cactus hive, fought some of them, the dug deeper in, and the level end.

Chapter 5 has the Tarantula pretty much heading to the same place, but by different roots. I got a awesome new move, that pretty much allows me to stealth jump any creature, and pretty much get a 1 hit kill, though some creatures take 2 or 3 jumps.

You see the humans digging, and they find a map and head off. You follow them, and get to a patch of Octopus Cactus. Here I fought the hardest enemy so far, a Horned Lizard. It's hard because it can do a lot of damage, and every time you attack it, you get hurt because of it's horny body. After defeating it, that chapter is over.

Here are some links to my previous adventures with Deadly Creatures.

Part 1-08/SEP/09
Part 2-09/SEP/09
Deadly Creatures

Deadly Creatures (WII)

Genre/Style: Action/Third-person 3D Action
Release Date: 09/FEB/09
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Sorry if I nudged anyone twice, it seemed like it froze.
np bro
so what is the tactic to bring a horned lizard down?

Oh, I've been meaning to ask, is there a standard health bar for your critters, or do they do a CoD hide-n-heal thing?
Interesting idea basing a game around creepy-crawlies, obviously not everybody is trying to out halo/FF/WoW each other.
It has a standard health bar, you can refill it by performing finishing moves, eating the hidden grubs,and fully restore it by eating crickets.

The Tarantula just got a move that lets it hop on enemies who have been knock on their backs, and eat them while they are still alive.

As for the Horned Lizard, you have to attack it's face, which is dangerous, since it can do quite a bit of damage.

Oh, and you can increase the health bar by eating the special green crickets.
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