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EarthboundX's gameplay for Deadly Creatures (WII)

EarthboundX played Deadly Creatures

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EarthboundX said...
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Went back to Chapter 2, I missed a few grubs and a green cricket.

I love the part in Chapter two, when you're heading to the Gila Monster's lair, there's tons of dead beetles, spiders, and even a scorpion. One spot I really love, there are beetles impaled on some thorns. This game is pretty gruesome.

The Scorpion learns a moves that lets him dig thru certain places in chapter 2, you can tell where you can dig, by looking for cracked walls. The awesome thing about it is, the Scorpion gets that move, by killing another Scorpion, and eating it's face off!!!

In Chapter 3, you play as the Tarantula again, another simply amazing environment. You crawl thru a bramble patch, and go to an area called the Black Widow Cathedral, where you fall onto a huge web, and a group of Widows start coming down on webs toward you, and you have to wiggle free of each web, you fall thru 3 of them. Then after falling to the ground, you fight the group of Widows, and after beating them, you get a new move, called the web shot, it's pretty much a grappling hook. You can use it on certain webs, to launch yourself to them. The Tarantula of course gets this, by eating one of the Black Widows. You better thank Jesus/Buddha/Allah spiders can't do this is real life.

You see another Rattlesnake, I'm gonna assume it's the same one as before. You follow it for a little while, see it attack and eat a Scorpion. You follow it to a dead end, think you're gonna have to fight it, but one of the two humans grabs it by the tail, and snaps it away. That's the end of Chapter 3.

I'm currently in Chapter 4 as the Scorpion, you fight a couple new enemies, those huge wasps that paralyze tarantulas, and lays their eggs in them while it's still alive.

You also fight some small lizards, they are pretty fast, so you have to dodge a lot.

The mission objective is to find your way to a hive of the giant hornets.

This is one of the best console games I've played in a while.
If this wasn't about bugs and arachnids, this game would surely be rated M.

Here are some links to my previous adventures with Deadly Creatures.

Part 1-08/SEP/09

Deadly Creatures

Deadly Creatures (WII)

Genre/Style: Action/Third-person 3D Action
Release Date: 09/FEB/09
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You're almost as far as I was when I quit playing it.
I don't see how you could stop! I'm loving this game.
I have a bad habit of losing interest in my first playthrough of a game.
@WILDMAMMOTH I've done that before too, I got 100 hours in of Rogue Galaxy, got distracted, and I start games over if I'm away too long. I'm around 112 hours in Persona 3:FES, but I'm at the last boss, so I probably won't start that over.
hey i loved Rogue Galaxy. Insectoid champeeen yo!.
@EarthboundX I've started Persona 3 twice and still have not finished it. I also started Persona 4 and only put about 4 hours into it. I really enjoyed playing them, but for some reason I have a hard time getting back to the Persona games to finish them.
@Malicore Yeah, plus with the new remake coming on the PSP, you may have another to play, haha.
Yeah, most games I own and play I don't get through either.

A certain coral snake lamia will be seeing about getting this at her local store--once she has monies again >.>
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