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EarthboundX's gameplay for Deadly Creatures (WII)

EarthboundX played Deadly Creatures

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EarthboundX said...
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This game is so cool! I beat the first two chapters, the first chapter you play as the Tarantula, and in the second, the Scorpion.

They each have their own play sets. The Scorpion seems to be based on combos, can guard, and has more moves, at least so far. The Tarantula can't guard, but it's faster then the Scorpion, and can jump. They both can walk on walls, but later in the game, only the Tarantula will be able to walk on ceilings.

One thing I really love, are the environments, I've never wished more that I had a digital camera, so I could post screens.

I've never played a game that gave me such a feeling I was actually in a bug sized world.

Well, other then the Tarantula basically having a bitch slap attack, never seen one do that.
Deadly Creatures

Deadly Creatures (WII)

Genre/Style: Action/Third-person 3D Action
Release Date: 09/FEB/09
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hey i remember when they first introduced this in a demo in E3. I liked the fact that you had to hide from the giants (humans) or get stomped on. The ground shook when they were nearby, you had to find cubby holes to stealth in. There was ever a fight between the Tarantula and a Rattersnake that I thought was awseome to watch.

Just curious though, have the two main critters (spirder and scorp) met yet or are you still in the paralell story paths?
The fight between the Tarantula and the snake is pretty fun to watch, basically, as the spider, you had to lure the snake in striking, and then dodge, and it slams it's head to these giant needles on a cactus, looks really brutal.
I have a feeling I'll run into the snake again though.

The Tarantula and the Scorpion actually meet at the start of the game, they fight some, but then the two guys walk nearby, so the Scorpion runs off.

That's the first chapter, the Tarantula is looking for the Scorpion.
ah. round 2. cool. you know what I like about the Wii now is that it's getting some qquality titles to it's roster. I remember back a few months how Wii was nothing more than a haven for useless "shovelware"
Metroid Other M, Prime Trilogy, The Conduit, COD WaW, MadWorld...to name a few quality titles. I'm also quite excited for Maramasa Demon Blade!
It's definitely nice to see the Wii get more big titles. Even on the shop channel, the Wiiware titles are definitely receiving more effort and attention by developers because they realize that Nintendo did it right: Target the family, not the family's pimple-covered teen gamer.
Yeah, I plan to get Metroid Prime Trilogy, The Conduit, and Madworld.

Kinda sad about Madworld though, one of the better games of the year, but people didn't buy it.

I really hope they release more info on the new Wii Zelda soon.
Looks good... I mean, I am not so much interested in playing as a tarantula or scorpion though... I mean, if a Tiger Spider was available I'd definitely go with that.

What species of snake BTW?
It was a rattlesnake, you do fight Wolf Spiders though, haha. Not sure Tiger Spiders are in the game, not sure what state it takes place in, I think in the south. I'm not sure where Tiger Spiders generally live.
Oh! I forgot, and the end of the Scorpion's level in chapter 2, you have to escape from a Gila Monster Lizard.
Yeah, the game is pretty crazy, and I like that you actually have to think to fight the bosses. Have you encountered any glitches yet?
None so far.
Good deal. Hopefully you'll never find any.
Interesting. Might have to get it for my aunt (only one in my family with a Wii)
Oh, I could see tons of ways to torture people that dislike creepy crawlies with this. Other than that, it just looks unique.
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