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EarthboundX's gameplay for Chrono Trigger DS (DS)

EarthboundX played Chrono Trigger DS

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EarthboundX said...
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Beat the Mountain of Woe, and made it near the end of the Ocean Palace.
Chrono Trigger DS

Chrono Trigger DS (DS)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Third-Person 2D Action RPG
Release Date: 25/NOV/08
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I'm also currently playing this on my SNES too.
It's a great port to the DS, this will always be an awesome game, I'll still be playing this as long as I live.

Even when video games go freaking insane, and it's VR or something.
CT is ok, I don't see what the huge deal about it is though.
That's like saying the Legend of Zelda is just OK, haha.
Even though I am a devout member of the cult of Zelda. It is not anything extraordinary anymore.
I could say that about the DS Zelda's, but all the others are amazing, Twilight Princess was great.

Can't wait for the new one.
@EarthboundX I must be getting too cynical at my old age then.
They need to go back to the Style of Minish Cap for the handheld Zeldas. Or Link's Awaking and the Oracle games.

I loved Minish Cap to death.

Compare the detail to the areas and dungeons of Minish Cap, to the big empty areas and dungeons in the DS games.

The dungeons in PH and ST are so disappointing. They are fun to go thru, but they were all full of big empty rooms.
Oh dear--this thread showed up in my spotlight... o.o'

And well--yes, I enjoy Chrono Trigger (far too much) when I was younger. I dunno, it was one of those games that is still fun for me today.

Legend of Zelda...

Well I enjoyed Minish Cap. I enjoyed Twilight Princess. Phantom Hourglass... not so much--as they took everything that was wrong with Navi... and cranked it up to eleven. I mean--felt a huge chill up my spine when it mentioned "Navi" in game... then... oh dear--she is worse before. Now, not only is she annoying... but she controls me! SHE CONTROLS ME! I cannot go to an area without her permission! I cannot do some action without her okay...


At least in Ocarina of Time, she could be ignored a little bit with her "hey! look! listen!"... then... PHANTOM HOUR GLASS! *sobs*

I mean--I thought we had gotten away with Majora's Mask. I loved that game. And note it was originally suppose to be the 64DD second quest to OoT. Sort of like today's downloadable content.

Link to the Past--I enjoyed growing up. However--upon revisiting it... it really did not stack up. Most of it, could have been better done in a style closer to Minish Cap. I mean, the music, is, well okay. The plot--typical grab three/seven random objects in various temples. The graphics however were some of the most sub par stuff on the SNES. I mean--they may as well have been NES graphics.

I do enjoy Adventures of Link. Link's Awakening--well.. kind of messed with some stuff for that with my twin, JasonTheEchidna (my most awesome and smexy twin~). May want to mess with more stuff along those lines.

Have not played Wink Waker, Oracles, the GBA version of Four Sword, Spirit Tracks or the CDi games.
I wanna try the CDI games, just to see how crappy they are, haha.

But there don't seem to be any CDI emulators.
"A local gamer committed suicide after his recent purchase of a CD-i console from eBay. Police were baffled by cryptic messages seemingly written in blood that read 'I'M SO HUNGRY, I COULD EAT MAI BOI!' and 'I CAN DO THE DUCKWALK. PRETTY COOL, HUH?'"

So, yeah...good luck with that :p
Yeah, kind of questioning if the CDi games are worse than the Phantom Hourglass, @EarthboundX . With its...



*whispers* Navi.

*Jumps as if scared that she heard a "Hey! Listen!" that others may not have.*


*collapses in a heap sobbing to make it stop.*
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