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EarthboundX's gameplay for Aliens vs. Predator (PC)

EarthboundX played Aliens vs. Predator

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EarthboundX said...
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Beat the game! The Predator campaign was the best of the three campaigns. It's kinda sad how much more options the Predator has over the Marine and Alien combined.

I have a feeling the Predator was the favorite of Rebellion.

The Marine has guns, and a crappy jump. The Alien can move very fast, and can climbs all all surfaces.

The Predator can perform super leaps, has a shoulder mounted lazor, mines, a spinning bladed disc, a spear, has a couple face mask visions, and can stealth camouflage himself. And of course the claws.
Aliens vs. Predator

Aliens vs. Predator (PC)

Genre/Style: Shooter/First-Person Shooter
Release Date: 16/FEB/10
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i saw vids of the decapitation sequences with the spin still attached to the skull.

tell me you did this.
Yup, that's a killing blow.
The demo was horrendous. No tutorial, multiplayer FFA only, and the worst kind of people Xbox Live has to offer. Also I can only play as a Human and no one will help me figure out how to change races because, well, that's expecting too much from the community.

I'm guessing everyone plays as the Predators in multiplayer? That's how things were in the demo.
I didn't play the MP. Doesn't interest me.
overall though, how was the game as a whole for you? I've heard both sides of the story, but it's important to get a gamer's view of the game, rather than some critic that's been paid to thumb through it for 10 minutes or so.
I'd give it a 7, it's fun, but not great.
I'd say it's worth playing.
@EarthboundX You like it eh? Wow!
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