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EarthboundX's gameplay for Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard (PS3)

EarthboundX earned trophies in Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard

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EarthboundX said...
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Beat the game! I know why I don't really play games on the hardest setting, it's no fun dying over and over. When I played thru some of the levels to get the rest of the trophies, it was much more fun playing it on the lower settings.

Got all the trophies and the Platinum Trophy!
Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard

Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard (PS3)

Genre/Style: Shooter/Third-Person 3D Shooter
Release Date: 03/MAR/09
King of Hazard Land!
King of Hazard Land! (Platinum)

Earn all Trophies in the game."You. Are. The. MAN! (Unless you are a lady. In which case, I apologize.)"

Say "No" to Pots
Say "No" to Pots (Bronze)

Shoot 30 potted plants."Look at 'em. Just sittin' there, bein' all green and stuff. They were askin' for it!"

Fire Hazard
Fire Hazard (Bronze)

Shoot and destroy 30 fire extinguishers."Extinguishers. They're not just for fires anymore."

Maxx Karnage
Maxx Karnage (Bronze)

Collect 20 Hazard pickups."Maxx Karnage…sounds like a cool action hero name."

Shield Master
Shield Master (Bronze)

Collect 20 Master Shield pickups."It's not like I was afraid of dying…I just wanted the trophy!"

Just a Flesh Wound
Just a Flesh Wound (Silver)

Complete a level without dying."Eight million corpses in this level…and you're not one of them."

Hazard Avoider
Hazard Avoider (Bronze)

Complete the game on the Minor Hazard difficulty setting."Sure you won…my GRANDMOTHER could win on 'Easy!'"

Pseudo-Hazard (Silver)

Complete the game on the Major Hazard difficulty setting."Well…at least you didn't have it set to 'Easy…'"

Hazard Master
Hazard Master (Gold)

Complete the game on the Maximum Hazard difficulty setting."You've done this before, haven't you?"

…Where Credit is Due
…Where Credit is Due (Silver)

Watch the credits from beginning to end."Hey…aren't they the guys who made Dead Head Fred?"

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